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si o que?

si o que?

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PORTLAND! Linework NW comics/illustration fest is on April 12th. It’s still a little while away, but I’m so fuk’n stoked that I can’t keep my mouth shut about it. Figured I’d drop some news about the show: Snakebomb Comix will have “ultra limited edition out-of-town special guests” at our table, INCLUDING:

Reuben Storey (Rigg & Ratt, Toiletry and Mutation, Moldy Castle)

Eric “Gutrot” Benton (Snakebomb 3, Night Watch Zine)

Alex Degen (AREACC, Mighty Star, Mindhunters)

and Max Capacity (Toxic Super Freakout, Apezilla, The TV People)!

Plus the PDX crew of Ryan Dirks, Karissa Sakumoto, Andrew Scully and Pat Keck. Dogpile on the snake table. This is gonna be fun

I’m so stoked!!!

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